Costa Rica – Day 29 – Lunes

The butterfly is the symbol of man’s spiritual transformation.  When the moment comes and the butterfly takes flight, it suddenly sees the world from a completely different point of view, a view of vaster beauty and a much, much wider worldview…  ~from Carol Shaefer’s book Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision of Our Planet

Daily Butterfly

Maybe that is why I am seeing so many butterflies.  My worldview is shifting.

Three of the four girls from Guanacaste are ex-pats that now live in Costa Rica.  Two moved from the US, one from Canada.  So people really do this.   I want to know how to do this.  Could I do this?  I wonder if I could actually live here.

But I find that I already, I miss my people.  I miss my family and friends, my students.  I miss my iced chai from the Food Coop.   I miss skydiving.  I miss my chiropractor.  Could I uproot myself yet again?  It’s exhausting.  I’m tired of moving.  I want to put down roots.  I want a place to call home for awhile.

For now, I’ll just plan some retreats here.  It’s beautiful, accessible, safe, and can be life-changing.  I’m in the process of coordinating something here at AmaTierra for March 21 to coincide with the University of Illinois and Columbia College Chicago spring break.  I need a minimum of 10 people.  I think this could happen!

Spread the word, my friends!

I just did a photo shoot for them in trade for some health services, Chinese medicine consultation, that sort of thing.  I love a good trade.  It’s a win-win for everyone.


It helps to have good ‘models’.


Dinner is a tuna steak, mashed potatoes and veggies.  Delicious.  I was still feeling bla, so I took my delicious baked banana bread with berry compote back to my room for Rainman.  Another classic.

I journaled before bed, making plans for the future, my future.  I wrote myself a nice little note, in case there was any doubt;  “You can do this Jodi.  I believe in you.”

In his final words, the Buddha said we must be a lamp unto ourselves.