Costa Rica – Day 34 and 35 – Detox Divas and True Healers

My religion is simple.  My religion is kindness.  ~ The Dalai Lama

Some new folks have arrived.  Three amazing women are here for a cleanse/detox and two others, a couple, because they won a free stay at AmaTierra.  All of them are now my friends and I am grateful.

Detox Divas

Dashi and Bodhi, the couple, are true healers.  Dashi is an acupuncture physician, trained extensively in Qigong and practices Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Knowledgeable, gentle, and kind.  Bodhi is an advanced practitioner in the Hoshino Therapy.  It’s ok.  I had never heard of this either.  But in a short time, I am a believer.

Dashi and Bodhi

Basically, this therapy works with acupressure to restore health to tissues that have hardened with age or from lack of exercise, or even injury.   The principle theory is that arthrosis, or aging of the soft tissues, can cause bursitis, tendinitis, back pain and muscular tension.  This may eventually lead to degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis and spinal disc disorders.

More information here

Bodhi does an hour long therapy on my body.  I am grateful.  So grateful.  I have been in pain since I arrived.  I thought the psoas/hip flexor issue would alleviate with my downtime.  It has not.  In fact, it has progressively gotten worse and the pain is transferring into my knee.

I slept wrong prior to leaving to come here, and that has plagued me.  No amount of biomat, massage, and yoga has fully alleviated the pain in my neck and the limited range of motion.

After one hour of working with Bodhi, he tells me that my hips are slightly out of alignment.  I have a tendency to roll my right foot outwards, called supination.  It all starts with the hip.

I wonder if it’s from a skydiving accident years ago.  I was going more than 120mph, and someone else was going even faster.  They didn’t see me and crashed into me.  It was traumatic.  My chiropractor informed me that the accident caused my hips went to go out of alignment.  I wonder if they have never truly come back to ‘normal’.

Later in the day, Dashi leads us through a healing Qigong practice.


We go through about 20 minutes of some basic moves.  We connect with Qi, or life force, which is the vital energy that flows through us and through the universe.  It feels like a moving meditation.


The practice flows right into meditation.  I feel peaceful, grounded, and connected.  Something I have not felt for some time.

Tonight’s dinner is by far one of my favorites.  The curry sauce is made with the freshly grown turmeric from the property.  I eat with the guests, which is also a treat.

I am sore from the treatment earlier today.  I go to bed early, reading and journaling.  I’m still absorbed in A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield.  I did not forsake him completely, or this practice.

The next morning I am still slightly sore.  The pain has transferred to my foot.  Interesting how the body is so very connected.  Fascinating and at times frustrating.  I receive one more treatment from Bodhi before he and Dashi leave.  I am sad to see them go.

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.  ~  A. A. Milne