Costa Rica – Day 49 – What matters, is love

The rain has stopped, the clouds have drifted away,
and the weather is clear again.
If your heart is pure, then all things in your world are pure…
Then the moon and flowers will guide you along the way ~ Ryokan

I woke up feeling really sore.  That power walk down the mountain did a number on my legs, thighs, glutes.  I am grateful that Jill is leading class this morning.  I get to be a student.

Freya leaves us to stay at a hostile in the Nicoya peninsula.  She found a place on the beach, for $14 a night called Casa Zen.  I would have joined her but have been asked to stay until Wednesday.  Just in case any guests come.  Living in Barcelona for 7 years, her Spanish is excellent.  She would have made an excellent travel partner.

I’ve met people from all over the world.  People who I would have never met had I stayed safe and cozy in my little life, my cabin in the woods.  This has been good for me.  I had to venture out.  I had to get my head out of the sand and look around.  No matter my fear.  Perhaps even in spite of it.

The spirit of the pioneer or cowboy is not necessarily a skillful way to approach spiritual life. 

I suppose this also applies to my Lone Wolf tendencies…

It is a basic principle of spiritual life that we learn the deepest things in unknown territory.  Often it is when we feel most confused inwardly and we are in the midst of our greatest difficulties that something new will open. 

We awaken most easily to the mystery of life through our weakest side.  The areas of our greatest strength, where we are the most competent and clearest, tend to keep us away from the mystery.

It’s like Jack Kornfield is standing next to me, whispering in my ear…

Kelly leaves shortly afterwards.  Back to her life in Vancouver.

Kelly and  Jodi

After lunch Tara arrives with her posse of surfer dudes.  We hang out during the afternoon, playing with the medicine cards.  Cards depicting animal medicine, or the medicine that improves one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all of life.  Including the healing of body, mind and spirit.

Tara offers the cards to me.  I choose Dog.  As I hand the card back to her, she notices that I actually chose two cards.  Hidden beneath Dog is Raven.  This could be interesting…

Dog Card – Asks you to question if you have recently forgotten that you owe your allegiance to your personal truth in life?  Have you been loyal and true to your goals?

Raven Card – Magic.  If Raven appeared you are about to experience a change in consciousness.  You have earned the right to see and experience a little more of life’s magic.  If you have chosen Raven, magic is in the air.  Do not try to figure it out: you cannot.  It is the power of the unknown at work, and something special is about to happen.

I do an invigorating practice in the shala.  I feel open, which is surprising given how sore I am.  I would be much worse off in general and in life without this practice.  One of the surfer posse dudes from Holland joins me.  It’s refreshing to see men doing yoga.  He seems to have a strong practice.  We even do a bit of Acro.

We get called to an early dinner.  No time for meditation.  I am expected to help serve, and am glad to see that a place at the table has been set for me.  There are no guests.  It would have been even more awkward to sit by myself for dinner.  It felt good to be included.  And there was chocolate cake.

Journaling in bed.  Feeling like there has been some resolution in my life, in my heart.  I feel peaceful.


The quality of loving-kindness is the fertile soil out of which an integrated spiritual life can grow.  With a loving heart as the background, all that we attempt, all that we encounter, will open and flow more easily.  ~ Jack Kornfield