Costa Rica – Day 50 & 51 – The Final Days

I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.  ~ Rumi

I woke up early but stayed in bed, listening to my birds singing, daydreaming, and contemplating life.

Yoga at 8am.  No one is there and I am grateful for the solitude for my practice in this tranquil space.  Feeling so grateful and present.  I caught myself dwelling on my future while in downward facing dog, and laughed.  Take it in, Jodi!  Look at where you are!  4 years ago, you would have done anything to be HERE!!!  In this space.  This beautiful, vibrant place, surrounded by jungle.

I remember fantasizing about coming here to Costa Rica years ago.  I never thought I would be leading practice here.  I believe I got what I needed.  I was able to give and receive.  I met amazing people.  I ate well.  I had time to swing in a hammock.  Read a book.  Journal.  Play guitar.  Sing.  Meditate.  Learn some Spanish.  Walk up and down mountains.  Play in waterfalls.  Surf.  Wiggle my toes in sand.

There have been trials, and there has been a tremendous amount of healing and resolution.  I leave here with an open heart, and better for having made this journey.

Breakfast on the balcony with the view of the now inactive volcanic mountains.  I am still not tired of rice, beans, egg, and toast.  And the coffee…

I help with dishes, journal, edit photos, and photograph my new friends.

Yolanda and Jodi

Jill and I bartered for a doTerra travel kit, complete with essential oils.  I get to fill up 8 tiny bottles with 8 healing oils to take back with me.  I’m impressed with this brand.  I may look into becoming a dealer.  I’ve always been interested in oils.  I use them at home and for my practice.  I share them with students for their healing properties.  I have learned quite a bit more about them since I arrived and use them quite a bit here for everything from cuts and scrapes, bug bites, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, mood enhancement, stuffy nose, and ‘perfume’.  The oils are pure, and the difference between this brand and others that I use is notable.  I’m thinking of hosting an essential oils workshop when I return.

Dinner with the family.   They leave tomorrow for Colorado.  We eat well, and my favorite new thing is chyote, a type of squash.  The flavor is so delicate.  I’ll try to find this when I return home.

Tuesday, I wake up late.  The owners are leaving today, back to the states for a wedding in Colorado.

I practice in the shala, keenly aware of my remaining time here in this healing space.  I eat lunch.  Walk up the mountain to my spot.  Everything seems more beautiful.  Now that I know I am nearing the end.  Why is that?  Why do we wait for the end to appreciate what we had in front of us all along?  I see things I’ve never noticed before, and drink it in…including this random goat.

Random Costa Rican Goat

A delicate nest with a broken egg


This is my last night in the shala in the jungle of Costa Rica.  There’s a strange longing in my heart.  It feels like I am leaving someone I love.

My last night

That night for dinner, we fend for ourselves.  I make a quesadilla and salad and drink the rest of the bottle of wine that I started 2 weeks ago.  I toast the mountains, this familiar view I will be leaving soon.



One more night.  I am ready.

Not all those who wander are lost.  J.R.R. Tolkein