That time I lived in the mountains of Costa Rica with a Colombian family…

We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration.  We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.  ~ David Bottoms

Though bedtime came late last night, I awake early.  Habit.  I make my way downstairs.  It’s a school week and the kids are eating breakfast.  There’s coffee.  There’s always coffee.

In the daylight, I can see more clearly the beauty of this home.  They built it on a mountain, in a cloud forest, and have about 2 acres of land.

Diana's Painting

Diana, Lorena’s sister, is an artist.  These two paintings are her creation.

Diana's Painting

This Fibonacci spiral is another inspired touch

Fibonacci's Spiral

But the most precious detail of this home are the people who ornament it with their spirit.  I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful family who took me in and cared for me.  I felt like an orphan who was adopted.  I never wanted for a thing.  They made me feel like family.

This lovely lady, dressed to kill…


Enjoying a lunch of rice and garbanzo beans, fried plantains, potatoes, with strawberry salsa and some sort of delicious Colombian pink drink.


After lunch, we run errands in the outskirts of San Jose.  One of those errands being the hunt for a guitar case.  Sergio took me into several stores looking for an inexpensive option to bring my new guitar home.

Later, we attend a book fair in San Jose.

Book Fair

Edgar, their father, is working here.

Edgar, Artist

More and more, I have an appreciation for what it’s like to come to a foreign country and not know the language.  I can’t help but feel frustrated by the fact that when I pick up a book, I cannot read it.

Spirals and mandalas are a recurrent theme of this trip.  Sergio, Diana’s husband, has been working on mandala paintings, and I find a book at the fair that my friend Lyndsey had at her art gallery opening back home.  This connection seems important, notable.  I like how these elements are interwoven into this experience.


Thursday night turns into acro night.  Lorena and I have been playing together at the retreat, and so she is familiar with some of the moves.  She’s fearless, trusting, strong and flexible, so what has taken me some time to ‘master’, she is able to accomplish in no time.


Acro Double Plank

Edgar, Lorena’s father, comes home late from the book fair after working all day.  Though he and I can barely communicate using words, we find we have a mutual language of music.

Language of Music

In the house of lovers
The music never stops,
The walls are made
of songs
and the floor dances