You don’t need to know the language to dance

Each call from beyond asks us to step outside of our ordinary sense of the world.  ~ Jack Kornfield

San Jose.  What a crazy, beautiful, complex city you are.  And this tree…!

San Jose

Stores and kiosks and markets with everything you could possibly want in life.  Fresh food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, the smell of fish, people living their lives, shopping and running errands.  It is all so mundane but foreign to me and so seems somehow exotic.

Indoor Market, San Jose

Alters burning incense and candles

Altar, San Jose

Strange and beautiful architecture

Y De La Cultura Precolombina

Y De La Cultura Precolombina

Architecture, San Jose

San Jose Windows

San Jose Architecture

San Jose

Museo National De Costa Rica

This unique structure houses one of the stone spheres of Costa Rica, an assortment of over 30 petrospheres called Las Bolas.  They are the best known stone sculpture of the Isthmo-Colombian era.

Las Bolas

Las Bolas, San Jose

And a public square with enough pigeons to rival Florence.

San Jose Square

San Jose Face Painting

Just a few Costa Rican Foxes…

Costa Rican Foxes

That night, we head out to a club.  I have no idea where we went or what the club was called.  I know that the music was good, the beer was flowing, and we all had a great time.

My dance partner

By the end of the night I’m covered in sweat; by far one of my favorite work outs.  And the best part about clubbing in a different country is that you can make a fool of yourself on the dance floor because you will most likely never see these people again.

Kill'n It

We rarely hear the inward music, but we’re all dancing to it nevertheless.  ~ Rumi