I absolutely love Jodi as a yoga teacher.  Practice with her is about stretching and balancing the physical body, yes, but it is equally about grounding and accessing a solid core of calm and strength.  This is invaluable to me. Jodi’s gentle, but strong guidance is just perfect.

The restored balance, good energy, and careful intentions set feel like a gift for the hours and days to come.

Cheryl Louviere
Licensed Massage Therapist


Practicing yoga with Jodi is a true joy. Her kindness, compassion, and wisdom help me find balance not only in the yoga studio, but also in life. I have degenerative disk issues resulting in aches and pain in my neck and shoulders. Through Jodi’s gentle spirit and attention to breath, stretching specific areas of the body, and attention to correct alignment, I feel absolutely wonderful after I have experienced her yoga session or yoga restorative or Ayurvedic workshops. Thanks so much, Jodi, for helping me join my body, mind, and spirit together as one! Namaste.

Robin Goettel
Associate Director for Education, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program


Jodi is a thoughtful and reflective yoga instructor and ayurvedic healer. Her approach is gentle and nurturing; whatever she happens to be teaching that day is the right thing for me. She is a born teacher and well educated, sharing deep knowledge of both yogic and ayurvedic practices. Owing to her open and giving nature, a lot of this knowledge is communicated in readily accessible ways to her students. I would walk a long way for a practice with Jodi!

Mara Wade
Professor, University of Illinois


It was in Jodi’s class that I was introduced to Yoga. Believing that “I
was not a Yoga type”, I was initially cautious, then surprised at how
expansive and inspiring the experience was.
I greatly appreciate Jodi’s invitation to tune to our inner self, needs
and wishes, to set up intentions that support us and who we want to be.
She is a true gem, a gifted and wise teacher!

Liora Bresler,
Ph.D. Professor of Education